Kolhapuri Wrestling

‘Kusti,’ wrestling is popular game at Kolhapur. Some of the Kings were themselves good wrestlers. Almost every week Kusti festivals were arranged here in their period. That time Kusti festivals were in open ground preparing temperory ‘Kusti Houda,’ special platform for Kusti. It was King Shahu, being himself a good wrestler was thinking to have permanent stadium for Kusti festival. When he was on Europe tour he saw famous stadium ‘Callocium’ at Rome and decided to build such stadium at Kolhapur. After returning from tour he constructed the Khasbaug Maidan style of ‘Callocium’ of Rome. Khasbaug Kusti Maidan is Unique in India. Over 60000 people can see the Kusti at the central Houda clearly without any disturbance. Separate platform is there for Royal family on eastside of the Houda.


Khasbag Maidan


Kolhapuri Kusti