एनआरके (अनिवासी कोल्हापूरकर) नोंदणी

Along with tourism promotion, we strongly desire to connect with every Kolhapukar person who is living abroad now so as to know your own aspirations for our district, to create channels for you to contribute to the future of our district, to address various problems you face, to know about ideas and systems that you see there that can be implemented in our district, to initiate various social- economic-health-education- women-environment related projects in our district and make our district the most rapidly transforming district in our country.

So, all NRKs (Non Resident Kolhapurkar) living abroad are requested to click following link and submit few basic details that will enable us to group you as per your location and help you all to get associated with each other as per subjects of your interests.


Click Here for

NRK (Non Residential Kolhapurkar) Registration